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Basic Accounting Concepts, Principles, and Procedures Volume 2

Image of Basic Accounting Volume 2 Text Book

Recognition for Basic Accounting Concepts, Principles, and Procedures


Awards (category)

USA Book News (Education and Business Reference), Axiom Business Book Awards (Accounting & Taxes), Benjamin Franklin Book Awards (Professional Reference), Hoffer Independent Book Awards (Business)


“...written in a simple clear manner for both slow and fast learners to follow. A step-by-step building-block is used where one topic fluently builds to the next to ensure an incremental learning approach.”
Issues in Accounting Education: American Accounting Association

“...economical and understandable...clear explanations and comprehensive content” “Recommended”
Choice Reviews : the academic division of the American Library Association

Volume 2, like volume 1, is a complete self-study text that provides problems, self-tests, solutions, and unlimited accounting paper for all problems and practice sets in the book. Volume 2 emphasizes the completion of the accounting cycle and the application of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) to key accounts. The completion of the accounting cycle is presented for both service and merchandising companies. The reader here has the ability to select among full treatments of frequently used different merchandising procedures (periodic, perpetual, and different worksheet methods), an option not usually available in most introductory accounting books.

Following completion of merchandising operations, the focus shifts to principles and procedures as they apply to key account types (cash, receivables, merchandise inventory, fixed assets, and current liabilities) and the internal control procedures relating to each. Payroll procedures and payroll recording keeping are included.

The book concludes its introduction to basic accounting with a discussion of financial statement analysis using trends and financial ratios, including a forthright discussion of GAAP strengths and weaknesses. The content also includes methods of financial reporting fraud and important financial warning signs.

The disk with the book contains complete solutions to exercises and problems plus accounting paper templates for an unlimited supply of all types of accounting paper including: general journal, cash receipts journal, cash payments journal, sales journal, purchases journal, combination journal, ledger accounts, worksheets, and various multi-column accounting paper. The book with disk is $34.95.

Basic Accounting Volume 2: Table of Contents

Volume 2 Bonus content:

  • Essential Math for Accounting (part 2)
    • Content includes ratios, fractions, averages, and a continuing introduction to basic algebra. All topics have extensive problems with solutions.
  • Checklist for accounting software functions and features
  • Alternative accounting and error correction methods
  • Accounting practice sets with solutions

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Worthy & James Publishing is a provider of basic accounting books covering fundamental accounting principles, business accounting, and business math. Topics in financial accounting and business accounting covered include generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the accounting cycle needed to prepare financial statements such as the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, statement of stockholders’ equity, and financial statement analysis using ratios and other procedures. Internal control and cash budgets are included.

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